‘we’re all a little crazy’

A friend, who is also a faculty at another university, visited recently.  She was down from my version of the ‘motherland’ for a few days.  While visiting with her and showing her how to use an iPad, we were having a laugh about getting a PhD.  PIC joined in on the conversation since he will soon finish his (soon as in 2012, not in the next 30 seconds) and the three of us were going back and forth about people who get PhD’s.

As we left the house to head to dinner, my friend said, “we’re all a little nuts for getting this degree.” We all laughed. Because it’s true….

I saw this article and it got me thinking…{we’re all nuts.} You’d have to be. As I’ve had some time to reflect and look back *cringing slightly* grad school was a hot mess. The marathon that felt like it would never end, the hamster in the never ending wheel.  I’m not alone, it has nothing to do with the program, it was the process of earning the degree. A PhD is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re reading this and you have a PhD, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t: be damn sure you want to get on this merry go round! What movie is that from??? Anyway…

Next time someone asks me how my new job is, I’m going to take the advice of this article and answer with, “leisurely” or “a bit slow, I’m bored.”  Depending on who it is, I can only imagine their reaction.

My dad did bring up a good point.  He asked, “do you feel less stress now that your degree is done?”  Apparently, everyone else knew I was a hot mess too.  I told him that yes, it was less stress and that while I always felt like I was going 100 mph, I could now step back and do other things for an hour here and there, like blog.

Academics relate and ‘hang out’ with each other. My hypothesis is that it’s not because we think we’re smarter, it’s because we’re the same brand of nutty.

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