My hiatus from social media


I needed a break.  A big one.  I was thoroughly annoyed with social media.  Mostly facebook.  Between the bitching, ranting, and general complaining about jobs, politics, and random crap, I had had it up to “here” with it.  So, I ran away and shut that thing down.

The two weeks were a nice respite.  It gave me time to think about how I needed to start managing social media instead of social media managing me.  I let it make me angry or upset and why?  I have no freaking idea!  I let it consume me instead of me consuming it. I over posted. I was neglecting real people sitting right in front of me or next to me with no good excuse.  I needed to turn it off to tune into life again.  It also happened that it fell in a lull with work and projects so I could focus on my lovely life, take some time off, and get re-energized for the upcoming academic year. Fast Company ran a clever submit page about social media and the post that resonated with me said, “if you’re bored with social media it’s because you’re trying to get more value than you create.”  I don’t know who Tim O’Reilly is but he is a smart man. I finally get it though.  My frustration was because my value on it was too high.  Instead of taking it with a grain of salt, I was taking it with a big spoonful of it instead of sugar. I was my own worst enemy. Learning how to tame the social media beast took a few weeks away from it.  Unplugging was the only to truly get my head wrapped around it and I’m glad I did!

On the positive side, it gave me a chance to build my blogs, do some work on them, create pages that I liked and work to create an identity that is much more solid.  I have no future goals of making money off of my blogs, but picking a direction has been helpful in creating a solid foundation. I also realize how much I do enjoy social media if it’s filtered properly for me.  By incorporating more things I like versus people who are just nuts in my view, I can be more at ease with it.  A friend suggested I just unfeed those crazy people from my life and I’m going to take her advice once I open my proverbial floodgate again.  I do love checking in with life long friends, I don’t mind babies and kittens, and for the most part, I find feedback rewarding in the positive and negative sense.  I think my senses were just on overload and I was generally being quite pissy about it.

So, here’s what I’m going to do in order to work on controlling the beast called social media and not lose my mind as this article suggests:

  1. Thou shalt use with caution
  2. Thou shalt be not afraid to block, unsubscribe, remove from social media life or ‘hide’ them forever
  3. Thou shalt not log on or keep the window open
  4. Thou shalt filter out or put people in lists
  5. Thou shalt remind myself: it’s JUST social media
  6. Thou shalt use it to my advantage. Promote my brand, my ideas–I’m sure I annoy other people so they can delete me as easily as I can delete them.
  7. Thou shalt lighten up. Take it with a grain of salt.
  8. Thou shalt have the clairvoyance to shut it down again closer to the election.  Everyone is getting pretty sensitive about every. little. thing.
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2 thoughts on “My hiatus from social media

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