Annie, Get Your Clothes ON!


It’s a holiday week! In honor of a short work week and hopefully some much needed down time or family time, I’d like to discuss something that keeps popping up on my campus: clothes with no one in them. What is going on undergrads??? Is this why the cost of a college education keeps rising-hidden costs when you just can’t keep track of your personal possessions?  This fall, I’ve started noticing something that I had not noticed the previous years spent on this campus: your clothes!! Your personal things. Your parking tickets that you wish to ignore even though they will ultimately come back and haunt you like eating garlic for dinner. Come on. Get your clothes on!

It started one Friday morning. I was walking in from the parking lots and I found someone’s hair extensions strewn about all over the sidewalk. Hey sister, did you know half your hair fell out?  I did not touch it or take a photo but you’re going to have to take my word: long, black, messy at that point. Must have been one wild night with a manic hair pulling/cat fight/dance party on the sidewalk.

The following week: pants. Pants? Not any old pants, black pants with a red trim line going up the leg. FANCY pants! 🙂 These also appeared to be stepped out of and flung aside for some wild Thursday night action. See evidence below:

A few weeks later: a shoe. A men’s Sperry to be exact. Where was its’ mate? Was it lonely?  How does one lose a shoe and not realize (no matter how much booze) that it’s missing because based on the weather here lately, ones foot would get cold sooner than later. The photo below doesn’t do it justice. When I came out of that building, the car was gone but the poor sperry remained. Lonely sperry…

Recently: parking ticket. I’ve only learned a handful of things on this campus that are set in stone and here is one. No pay, no NOTHING. If you don’t pay your tickets, the university cripples you. No scanning of student ID, no eating, no meal plan of any sort, no gym, no bus, no movement….they may even lock you out of your dorm just to force you to pay up. They are dead serious about that stuff around here. This student who randomly tossed his/her parking ticket aside will soon understand the ferocity of the university system. This parking ticket had been looked at, crumpled up, and discarded on the ground. I’m no psychic, but I foresee a day of frustration in this persons’ future….

I hope that with a few days of rest you’ll regain your footing, get some clean laundry, some family time, and maybe….just maybe….come back to campus rested and ready to tackle the rest of the semester!

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