Sync You Later

Winter Break | New Faculty

I live in the clouds. Several of them. Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive to name a few. My photos, music, work files, instagram pics, personal files, and everything that exists in my life is in a cloud. I can see it anytime, anywhere, on almost any device that I own/use on a regular basis. They save me time, confusion, and I often find myself telling others they should also use such services. I’ll also take a moment to give a shout-out to Evernote since it also syncs on all of my devices and I keep everything from ‘work to-do’ to ‘groceries’ lists in Evernote. Again, no matter what device I’m on, I can log on and find out if I need eggs….or when the newest RFP is due….

I read an article on syncing your work and personal life and found it to be things I was already doing (which was exciting for me). Being organized and deliberate while trying to sync work and home can be a real challenge.  “As the lines between business and personal lives are shifting, the cloud has emerged as a key tool to keep people productive and organized. The ‘personal cloud’ is evolving to an ‘all-purpose cloud’ that helps us manage our entire lives. “Getting in sync” will soon become an everyday life action and expression, with a technical meaning that everyone understands and automatically uses.”

I am proud to say that I already do sync my life and make a conscious effort to ‘un-sync’ from time-to-time as well. As I get ready to enjoy a little down time, slow down, and travel, I will rely on my clouds to keep me in order. As we panic, grade, and cram the last few weeks of work in for this Fall semester, you may think about a cloud service to help you stay organized for the new year. I use clouds to keep my students organized, the teachers I do professional development with, and all of the faculty that I collaborate with. I even used Dropbox with my mom to edit some photos since she doesn’t have the ‘almight & powerful photoshop’ on her desktop. If you’re in with the cloud, you’ll find they’re very safe, secure, and unbelievably convenient. 🙂 <—my first smile face on the faculty blog…..

What’s your ‘go-to’ app or cloud that helps you be more efficient in your work or SANE in your personal life?

Happy Holidays to each of you and I’ll be back after some much needed break time!

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2 thoughts on “Sync You Later

  1. katiem2011 says:

    Remember when we were in college and “getting in-sync” meant your roommate had bought a lame boy band album? Oh, TRL.

    I love Evernote too!

  2. […] about taking time and how precious it has become. I’ve harped on technology use time and time again, but it’s not invading the worst situations in our lives, making it more and more […]

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