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When I was in grad school, I had a stats study group. We’d congregate on the weekends in an empty conference room, bitch, complain, and moan while we did our stats homework sets together. We all had to take 20+ credits of research methods courses, so as you’re well aware, we were together: A LOT. In a good way. The people I studied with for all those years are now some of my closest friends in life and we now celebrate long distance when someone gets a new job or has a life change.

We hated stats study group though.

Fast forward five years and I’m still in a study group. Except now it’s for writing. With other faculty. As a young faculty member, it can be extremely difficult to balance out the schedule you set for yourself, others set for you, and the life stuff that no one can schedule.

My weakness: finding good time to write. 

I feel like it falls away sometimes, even with the best of intentions, the block scheduled in my calendar, or someone saying “there’s a deadline lady!”

So, here I am…….

I have managed to find friendship and professional camaraderie among another new faculty or two around this sandbox and the conversation inevitably came up. My friend suggested:

“let’s get together and write.”

I replied:

“it can be like occupy starbucks.”

And so, it was born. At 5 lbs. 6 oz. (roughly the weight of my mac), I couldn’t be more excited, overjoyed, or elated for this planned writing group.

Once the semester begins (in just a few short weeks), writing group will falter and the responsibility will be all mine again. I hope we can still find time to meet once a month (which is more realistic based off schedules) as a group and I hope to be able to continue writing once per week in my own ‘occupy starbucks’ movement.

How do you find time to write (or do the task that always seems to fall off the radar?)

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2 thoughts on “Faculty Writing Group

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