Baby Gonna Cry?

Baby Gonna Cry? | New Faculty


There seems to be something happening around me lately. It’s the fourth full week of classes around here and I think I may have to run to the store and buy a box of: DIAPERS.

This also goes along with my  “boundary talk” because quite frankly, if another grad student looks at me and goes, “wwwaaahhhhh, i’m working so hard…..wwaaahhhh,” I might reach out and touch their life. Or their head w/ a ‘thump’ like those ‘Should’ve Had a V8 commercials.’

I’m usually pretty good at brushing them off, smiling, and saying things like, “I’m sure you’re doing great” and “welcome to graduate school,” but last week was a test for me. Mind you, the grad students that know me well know that they better be pretty constructive if they’re going to complain and at least ask for help before they begin whining, but now that I think about it, none of the grad students (or undergrads) that I have have complained this week to me. Not once. I don’t think it’s because I’m any better or worse of a faculty member or human being, but when hand selecting these students, they knew what they signed up for. There was no ‘sugar coating’ with any of them.

I had the opportunity to chat at length with a grad student this summer who thought he was pretty slick. He’d been funded but had dodged his faculty employer most of the summer with a lot of travel and not much work. He thought he was funny, ingenious, and quite frankly, had ‘worked the system.’ I saw this grad student not too long ago.


His faculty employer figured him out, paid him, and then doubled (if not tripled) his work load this fall. And you know what: the grad student is doing it because he knew he was WRONG for skirting his summer responsibilities. His over-blown ego, breezy non-chalant attitude about how he thought he was soooo smart, and sense of entitlement had quickly washed away and had been replaced by a fresh layer of work, work, and KARMA. I know his faculty member–they’re no slouch, I knew who’d win that battle….faculty: 1, student: 0.

I also love the grad students who take to social media to air their laundry. HELLO! If you’ve got time to complain on facebook, you need more work. Some of these students don’t even try to take a light hearted approach, they just complain. What did you think was going to happen? Who do you think is watching you on social media? Get it together, be professional for a moment and once again: get to work!

Dear grad students, grad school is tough. It’s going to test you mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you’d wanted an ‘easier gig,’ I’d suggest the Qwickie Mart selling slurpees. Stop complaining and get to work! The end.

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