One of Those 9-5 Jobs: Being Grateful

One of Those 9 to 5 Jobs | New Faculty


I had some social media envy. I saw my friends in town out and having a big time (it also made me see i needed to deactivate my fb account, which i did shortly thereafter–more on that later). And I wasn’t even home from data collection yet….. I know, I know, woe is me. I have a job with benefits….that I really enjoy most of the time and that will hopefully pay off in the future scratch that, it’s already paying off. It usually doesn’t feel like “work” which is how I know it’s going well, but then when I finally look at the clock, it’s pushing 8 p.m. and I’m usually falling into bed like a tree in the forest before 10. Farmers hours. Where’s the hay or other crop?

It’s the kids.

It’s always the kids.

It’s always been about the kids.

And it always will be.

I found my passion early and I’m thankful. While I may have muddled and struggled along the way, my career has been dedicated to education for as long as I can remember and the years I spent working in public education drove me to madness and sheer joy all at the same time. I attribute my parents to this calling, as they taught me early to be selfless, care for others, and use the knowledge and influence that I did have to help others. Terrible parenting…just terrible 😉

The decision to return to a graduate program was personal.

I was not one of those career students, although we could argue that I’ve had more first days of school than many at this point. I also don’t begrudge career students because depending on the discipline, you have to go through education to get to the other side.

I took my solid set of life experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly and returned to school.

I’ve never been so humbled and grateful in my life to have worked for many years before returning to school. I took my set of experiences and used them each and every day. My prior work history set me apart in interviews, helped me be a more effective teacher and TA, and made my coursework more relevant. I was certainly a very ‘green’ researcher in every sense of the word, but learning has never been a difficult task for me, so I took to it slowly, and warmed up to it over the span of my education.

I fantasize about one of those 9-5 jobs where you can leave work at work.

And then I realize I’d be so bored, I’d probably get myself into A LOT of trouble.

Until those days arrive when I can ‘clock out’ and leave work ‘at work’ I’ll dream of them from time-to-time, and then worry about my next pub, how the kids are doing, if they’re learning, how effective our work is with them, and how much more I can do to train my students to facilitate someone else’s learning.

Until then…..

~at this point in the semester, it’s always nice to be grateful and sometimes, we need the reminder why we love our work. i hope you can take a moment to do the same this week!

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