A New Faculty Filled Year

It was a big year for New Faculty (AKA: me/yours truly). Not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to share a lot. I feel as though I did a much better job of communicating this year and tried to address a broad range of issues from being a grad student, to working with them, to addressing our own needs as a new faculty. I tried to be mindful and post once per week and while I’m fully aware they all weren’t “fridge worthy,” they all have a place for you, my readers.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my space on the Internet Machine! Let’s have some fun in 2014 and publish, teach, serve, and make it to 5 pm every day with minimal tears from all parties! If we’re feeling crazy, we’ll even cook more than once a week and take time to read a book that’s not on the syllabus!!!!

My most popular post:

Faculty Resolution for 2013 | New Faculty

Stop Being So Generous

Surviving Grad School | New Faculty


Dear Grad Students, Let’s Try to be Professional

Let's Be Honest: Grad School Right Out of Undergrad | New Faculty


Let’s Be Honest: Grad School Right Out of Undergrad

Teaching vs. Research | New Faculty


Teaching Vs. Research Universities

Work Smarter Not Harder | New Faculty

Work Smarter, Not Harder



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