2014: More “Time,” Less “Busy”

2014 Goals | New Faculty


I stopped being so generous with my time in 2013 and I have to pat myself on the back and say that I did pretty well.  I’d like to also think it contributed positively to my pubs, my scholarship, and my overall professional life in general. There’s always more work to do, more, more, more and the tone of “i’m so busy, busy, busy” but this year, I’d like to resolve to spend more “time” being less “busy” and more “available” for things I want (or need) to do. 

I saw an article about being busy and recall that I’ve blogged about it before because I get so tired of hearing everyone have a busy contest with each other. In fact, I’ve blogged about it a couple of times  exhibiting the amount of annoyance I have with people who do nothing but tell me how busy they are versus how they ACTUALLY are….

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be productive in the professional sense, but I get sucked into the busy trap just as easily as the next person and I get disgusted with myself for it. I stopped saying “yes” to fun things a while back when my personal life was in a clamor and I suffered. No one else. After my summer of feeding my soul, I realized quite a few things:

  • to be honest with myself first– i like the peace of living alone, even if it means i’m not saving money. i also need to continue to do things for myself, which is NOT SELFISH, it’s necessary now.
  • to continue to carve out time for peace and things i enjoy in my personal and professional life
  • to admit when i am busy or i’m not busy or “busy” as in perceived busy-ness

In 2014, I’d like to stop playing the busy contest with myself and other people and invest in myself professionally by giving myself the gift of time once again. The people who play that busy contest have been put on notice, I will not be playing that contest with you. I’m not going to join you on your hamster wheel. I will not feed into it or support it because being busy with perceived important tasks isn’t what life is about. I’d rather be busy spending time with real friends, working on my scholarship, or my own personal growth. The work will still get done, the to-do lists will still get managed, but I’ll drop it for the real people in my life, not the things in life I kept pining after with no positive results.

What is your professional goal for 2014?

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One thought on “2014: More “Time,” Less “Busy”

  1. Great advice — back in grad school some people called this “The Game”: who could make their busyness sound the worst! 🙂 Being less “busy” and more “productive” is also a goal of mine this year.

    My other professional goals all involve my students. I have been proud of their progress so far, now I want to see them 1) do great presentations of thier research that has been accepted at conferences, and 2) complete revisions of that work and tell the world via a top-tier journal.

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