Who’s On Your CORE Team?

Who's on YOUR Core Team? | new faculty


Not too long ago, I fell asleep on the couch around 9 p.m. The next night, around 9:30, the following night….well  you get where this is going. Binge watching on Netflix has been replaced by binge sleeping. I apparently couldn’t even muster the energy to put my own dishes in the dishwasher, empty said dishes into garbage, and get the coffee maker ready for the next day.

Houston, I think we’re tired.

It has been a stressful few weeks for reasons related to my professional life and reasons I’m not really interested in discussing on here just yet as they would require actual time to sit/stand and type them out.

Maybe over spring “break.” I use the term loosely as I will likely work most of it but at least I’ll get better parking on campus. Silver linings people.

Anywho….I digress.

As I’ve drifted off to sleep night after night, I would wake the next morning to texts and notifications that people (who are capable of staying awake later) had wanted my attention. Most of these people are what I’d like to call:

Team New Faculty

  • These are my people. They check in (even when I’m asleep (Santa??)).
  • They don’t care that I’m laying in a heap on my couch. They are either jealous of my 40 extra winks or likely doing something similar.
  • They fundamentally understand me. It’s an equal understanding.
  • They know what I need: some face time. I need an hour and then I’m good.
  • They don’t judge. I NEEDED those two cupcakes while we gossiped instead of eating a real lunch. (sugar isn’t lunch?) They will often indulge with me, whether it be cupcakes or wine.
  • They check in on the reg. E’rry day? Nah. Some do and that’s cool. But, they REPLY. No dead air up in here.

They’re available. No point in being on team New Faculty if you’re never going to be available. I don’t need your face in my face, but because I moved 600 miles from my main group of people, the ones that are still on my team still make the time for a regular phone call, group me, sarcastic jokes, or otherwise appropriate communication. The ones that I have now make time and likewise, I make time for them. It’s really hard to have a full blown friendship over text. I just don’t do well.

Play to my strengths. My strengths are as follows:

  • caffeine
  • sugar
  • carbs
  • just kidding…….

I need time–face time, phone time, time. I appreciate and value that in my life. People who are on my team give me time when they can.

It’s a two way street. I give the time, I do the check in’s, I am available too.

Team New Faculty has undergone some radical changes the past year. Good changes. In fact, EFFING AWESOME changes. In my core (much like the new Ben & Jerry’s Core–amazing looking) group, many have cycled out. I’ve learned to accept that some will cycle out. The folks that I appreciated and was so grateful for a year ago today may not be the same ones I’m grateful for now. I will always be grateful for the folks who’ve been on my team all these years. They were there exactly when I didn’t know I needed them. I accept their passing in my life (no one died in that sense) and I hope most of them come back around again. I also hope a few don’t and I can finally admit that.

As you figure out if the academy is or isn’t for you, I implore you to consider the question:

who’s on your CORE team?

You’re going to need a bang up team of real friends in your real life to help you trudge through this mess. Some might be academics as well. Some might not be. What do you require and need from them? How will you know when it’s time to thin the herd and take on some new team members?

As I slog to spring break and continually pass out on my couch from exhaustion with all the lights on and wake to the tv screen saying “are you still watching?” (hell no, i fell asleep during the opening creds) I’m grateful for the people who are Team New Faculty.

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