Tech Out, Chalk In, Well Almost

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This is not so much in response to Mary Flanagan’s  essay, “The Classroom as Arcade,” recently published by Inside Higher Ed,  which features a vivid observation of a student in class who “check[ed] out from a class he likes” to play a role-playing game on an electronic device while others “openly engaged with their Facebook pages,” also in class, though I would say that kind of behavior falls under classroom management–even if students live in a world where technology controls their fingers and eyeballs as if they were marionettes.  But reading Flanagan’s essay reminded me that I had not yet taken the opportunity to sound off on what appears to be the standard practice for years now of equipping every classroom with a computer and an electronic overhead projector, along with either a television or pull down screen to show what is displayed on the computer.

I recall also a former college president making a…

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