My husband gave me permission to come out tonight

Tenure, She Wrote

During seminars, while noting figures I could use in my own talks, I keep a running list of Odd Things People Say. This spring I compiled them and found a series of comments made by academics, to academics, complaining about controlling behavior by the speaker’s husband. These were all said in front of multiple academic colleagues, some at group dinners and some to rooms bursting with over 100 listeners.

“My husband has trained me very well: he’s taught me I’m wrong all the time.”

“My husband gave me permission to come out tonight.”

“My husband finally stopped complaining about my travel when I brought home a large honorarium.”

“If I stay on this conference call any longer, my husband will divorce me.”

“My husband has limited my travel to two trips per month.”

“Sometimes my husband will drop me off at work but mostly he tells me to stop being lazy…

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