Professional Isolation

I would add that most academic jobs w a heavy research component can be isolating. Days on end with nothing but your data and thoughts.

Tenure, She Wrote

One of the reasons I work as adjunct faculty is that it is part-time, enabling me to spend more time at home with my kids and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than a full-time schedule would allow.  My average week involves two days of prep-work, which I do at home, and two mornings of in-class teaching.  On a good day, I have time for a run or hike, and some household errands before picking up my kids at 3:00.

There are upsides to working mostly from home:  no commute, I don’t panic if a sick child needs to stay home from school, and I can get some household chores done during breaks.  The downside about spending so little time on campus?  It can lead to severe professional isolation, a problem for many adjunct faculty, and something that is especially hard after living in the highly social world of graduate school.

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