Thankful 2014

Thankful 2014 {New Faculty}


As I draft this post, I’m sitting in my quiet office on a dreary Sunday afternoon. I’ve recently moved and have an office to myself that has furniture in it that is only for me and not a shared space. Don’t get me wrong, I really haven’t had too many issues the past six months, renovations took longer than expected (duh) and I’m finally in a quiet space realizing how loud my voice is, how loudly I laugh, and just how thankful I am to be sitting in silence. My colleague is next door to me likely doing the same. You could call us the “singles club” since neither of us are married and doing the Sunday dance in our offices. And no, don’t get ahead of yourself, we’re not getting together because we’re the “last two single people” in the department faculty list. Get that thought out of your head before it pitches a tent and asks for a snack. 😛

I had avoided the office on Sunday’s until recently and I’m patting myself on the back for avoiding it for so long. I have made a concentrated effort to NOT just dawdle on the Internet at home, answering emails, looking at my online course, doing work, etc…. to try and keep home separate. Besides, the introduction of an apple tv into my life at my birthday has made home time much more pleasant (AKA: full of tv again). But, like everything, avoiding Sunday’s was only going to last for so long. The grading, research, and trying to cut the proverbial “to do” list was just too much after a point and here I am. I give myself a couple hours on Sunday and at least try and get myself in a better direction for Monday morning.

As the semester begins to wind down and the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving is upon us, I’m continually thankful to be in a field that I love, in a beautiful place in the world, with unwavering support from a dozen or more places and people, and this year: an office to myself again.

I think about those less fortunate every day now and it’s sometimes a struggle to think about their lives on less than $1 a day and here I am, swigging a $3 coffee from starbucks. The past six months have been busy with a changing research focus and realigning my expectations for research and publishing. I’ve also taken on the task of teaching, advising students, and adding more service. All-in-all, it’s been a total 180 for me. I’m hard on myself more than anyone else would dream of being and one of the administrative assistants said to me this week, “tiffany, you’re so hard on yourself, it will be fine.”

While this post could be full of useful bits of information, I’ll leave it at this:

be thankful for what you have right now. 

It won’t ever be perfect. It won’t ever look like you thought it should. Being a young faculty is a huge struggle and unfortunately, not a very glamorous one. I’ll have a ‘year end’ type post and set myself some goals for 2015, but for today, amidst my Sunday schedule of writing and getting ahead for tomorrow, I just wanted to let each of you know that I’m thankful for my work, thankful to have the privilege to communicate it, and awfully thankful to have food in my kitchen, fuel in my car, and a roof over my head.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One thought on “Thankful 2014

  1. A thoughtful appraisal of a new direction. Enjoy the new space!

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