2014 Year in Review: Stats Gone Wild

The end of another calendar year. Thank you to my faithful readers for your support again this year. I started this to catalog my thoughts on what it meant to be a new faculty member and now a “newer” faculty member and I’m ever so grateful for your readership. Higher education will ebb and flow and my own year was one of true “leaning in.” I began a new position and along with that decision, decided that personal happiness beat a giant paycheck this year. My mother and I were discussing it when I was home for Christmas. What I may not make in salary, I get back in my lifestyle. Having always been a country mouse, I enjoy living in a small town anyway and this R1 epitomizes small town, country living! Thank you once again for your support. I welcome your comments in the coming year.

To the numbers: You got nothin’ on that academic year wordpress! The number cruncher in me is always excited to see my analytics and let wordpress do the work at the end of the year. 8,000 views is modest and up from the last year. I cannot complain. It wouldn’t do any good anyway!

2014 Year in Review {New Faculty}

The number junkie in me likes seeing the beautiful graph. Tuesday is usually the day I publish each week, hence the “best” day of the week.

2014 Year in Review {New Faculty}

Not surprisingly, the “grad school out of undergrad” post was my most viewed and I can understand why. I might revisit this topic again for next year, someone remind me. 🙂 The decision to enter graduate school can be a tough one for many and 22 years old is awfully young to be making such important decisions. Some view it as an extension of undergrad, which many will tell you: is NOT at ALL how life is.

2014 Year in Review {New Faculty}

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