Holiday Break(down): The LAST Busy Contest of 2014

The Last Busy Contest of 2014 {New Faculty}

this is my dog molly. she has nothing to do with this post, but isn’t she cute? she loves to spoon. iSpoon 🙂

Ah, the holidays….the coveted two weeks where you have the freedom to do what you want, eat what you want, and….have the busy contest with your colleagues? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Upon returning to college town USA, I unpacked, did all the things, and took a sleeping pill to ensure the 9.5 hr. drive would be gone from my conscience forever. I awoke the next morning refreshed and ready to do adult things: go swim, get groceries, take a friend to the airport, and start watching her dog. You know, responsible stuff that I wanted to do.

To my dismay, I ran into a colleague at the grocery store and right into the classic “BUSY CONTEST” at its’ finest. Ugh! My colleague asked me if I was working this week. I replied, “no, I had not planned on it, I might do some work from my couch, but nothing really.” thingsthatareamistake…..

This person had to rebound on her answer. She was clearly out of sorts. She started in on, “well, i have so much to do….” We know where this is heading right? In order to maintain the precious nugget of sanity I had found through my sleeping pill sleep, I said, “well, facilities turns down the heat during break anyway to save money, it would be freezing in all of the buildings.”


It was amazing. She was officially out of things to compete with me on. No work? No problem.

Ladies and gentlemen of this blog, I will NOT ever play this contest with you. Not during break, not during the 6th week of a semester, not during grading “season,” which I personally consider more unpleasant than my annual ladies exam. If this person squawks again about it, I’ll do the same thing. If she thinks I don’t have enough to do, she’s wrong. I just don’t believe in making it such a big deal every day around people who are generally equally motivated and busy or busier than I am.

Confession time: I did come to the office a day later. Mostly to drop off my illicit batch of maple syrup to a colleague who requested I bring her back some and I’m typing this post on my work computer. Still: no real work…..I mostly updated my dropbox (see dog picture above & multiply by 200) and am going to have coffee with a friend soon.

My wish for all of you in 2015: to never have to play the busy contest or to squash it like that stinkbug in your house.

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One thought on “Holiday Break(down): The LAST Busy Contest of 2014

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