Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Thinking Before Speaking



Facilitating a class this semester has been really fun for me. Yes, FUN. It’s a seminar style class with a lot of interaction, discussion, and boiler plate type idea exchange going on each week. I have really enjoyed it thus far and would hope to offer a full three credit class off of it someday. It was an idea I’d been kicking around for a while so this was prime pickings for me to try it out with a group of students.

Overall, the students are outstanding. They have great thoughts, they are able to think critically and reflect, synthesize readings and pair them with other content. Really a stand up group. I could not be more pleased. Grad school is also a place to grow, to expand, and to broaden our horizons. Making sweeping comments, being judgmental, intolerant, and downright racist are not things I’m a big fan of. In class or in life. Some of my students forget where they sit at the table with me and a few have needed a gentle reminder (ok, so not so gentle).

After making some vast generalizations that were largely false, making a racist comment that I squashed, and continuing to be inappropriate, I told the student to ‘stop talking, you’re making it worse’ and kept class moving. The student thought I was joking. After calling all farmers “hipsters” and then making several statements that really, REALLY highlighted their privilege, I couldn’t take it anymore. The student then had the audacity to say “good morning sunshine” to me in the hallway one morning. WHAT? A few days later this same student sent me an email with a smiley face emoji in it. What’s going on? I’m not your pet, don’t call me a pet name. I’m not your BFF, don’t send me an emoji. I’m your professor, treat me with the same kernel of respect you want to be treated with.

Anyone who says that everyone is equal or there’s no issues with women in the academy has never been called ‘sunshine’ instead of “my name,” “dr.” or any other salutation or had an email with an emoji sent to them. Would this student have called my male colleagues “sunshine?” Me thinks not. EVER.

I’d like to conclude this post with a gentle, “check yourself before you wreck yourself” to all the grad students out there. My undergrads behave more respectfully than this person has been and I’m pretty tired of it. Making it known helped but not enough apparently. Here’s to a new week and if I have to glare, sneer, or put my foot down–you’d better get out of the way…..


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