Easy Come, Easy Go

2017-08-28 09.02.34

Summer 2017 was by far, one of my most productive and fruitful professionally speaking. As I reviewed my weekly plan and then crossed things out, it was most satisfying on many levels.

To count up: seven grant submissions, one manuscript that I first authored, and prepped for one new course and one returning course in my roster.

The things I couldn’t control: manuscripts I wasn’t first author on, an extra NSF grant at the last minute that I said yes to, and the weather (bc we all know you can’t control that).

The other “wins” of summer 2017? SUP–so much paddling this summer, I’ve caught the bug! I was able to spend extra time at home with my family, hike some tall peaks before it got too hot, reroute some summer travel and take a ladies road trip to the deep south, and read 30 books! I save all of my “pleasure” reading until summer and my list had grown to be massive this summer! As soon as I start class planning, I stop reading for pleasure since I’m reading all day. It’s a habit that I love and hate. I wish I could read more during the academic year but I just don’t after I’ve read things all day.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the summer unfolded and am already trying to formulate my fall plan. I’ve added a new course and am unsure how much time it will take so I’m hoping to get my plan done after the first week of the semester. I’ve also already blocked one day a week for “my work” and will religiously keep it blocked unless something comes up. Overall, I’m working on religiously guarding my time this year. It’s a constant goal and I usually fall off of the wagon at least twice, but with the accountability of a great women’s writing group, more responsibility, and even less “space” to screw things up, I’m going to try REALLY HARD!

May the odds be ever in your favor this fall! Welcome back to a new academic year!

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